Friday, June 26, 2020

Giveaway of Origin Story by Rowena Rede - Signed Paperback!

Hey everyone it's Gaynor here with another paperback giveaway! This time though it's extra special as I've been working with the author to bring you not only a signed edition but also some swag too!

The novella, Origin Story is the first instalment of a brand new urban fantasy series by debut author Rowena Rede,  that's been getting 5 star reviews!

Title: Origin Story
Author: Rowena Rede
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 97
Buy Link Amazon


Elemental Witch and supernatural P.I. Maya Morales works best alone. Blessed with certain abilities, she doesn’t need backup. At least she didn’t until her last job seriously messed up her witchy abilities.

When she’s offered a lucrative job from a powerful Fae that could set her career up for a lifetime, she happily agrees, until she finds out there are strings attached. She has to work with partners. Worse yet, humans.

Since you can’t break a Fae contract, she has no choice but to get to work. What she thought was a routine high profile disappearance case, quickly spirals into a conspiracy that is too much for one powerless witch to handle.

Knowing their life expectancy will be short and the learning curve needed to protect themselves nonexistent, Maya begrudgingly reaches out to her new human partners, desperately hoping they’re up to the task.


Park Thatcher and William Ison could actually be the help Maya needs. The former darlings of a black ops government agency known as Shadownet have recently found themselves unemployed.

What are two former spies to do when their resume highlights include killing people, sarcasm, alcoholism, and caffeine addiction? With little options available, they contract themselves to a mysterious client with lots of cash to burn and are whisked off to Los Angeles and Maya.

They quickly realize they may be in over their heads when they discover that the creatures from their childhood nightmares are alive and thriving.

Can their new partner Maya get them up to speed before they end up as part of the supernatural food-chain? Or will their names be added to the growing list of mysterious disappearances plaguing the community?

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Giveaway of Man of War by T.J. London - Paperback!

Hey everyone it's Gaynor here with another paperback giveaway!

Man of War is a prequel story set in the historical romance Rebels and Redcoats Saga by T.J. London.  The book was edited by Jo Michaels,  proofread by Tia Silverthorne Bach, and the interior formatting was completed by myself. I'm excited to be able to share this part of the saga with you!

Title: The Turncoat
Author: T.J.London
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 643
Buy Link Amazon

The man who wants everything gets nothing…July 1755War is brewing between England and France. Impressed into the Royal Navy, Lieutenant Merrick, against all odds, advanced through the ranks to become an officer—but he is not a gentleman. A man with a tainted past from a traitorous family, cast down by King George—a stain no man can remove.Merrick’s thrust into the role of captain, when the HMS Boudica is attacked by pirates off the coast of Nova Scotia. On a captured enemy vessel he discovers a King’s ransom in treasure and a woman chained in the hold from passenger ship that mysteriously disappeared at sea.Beautiful, defiant, and hell bent on revenge, India makes a deal with Merrick to uncover the pirates’ scheme, promising him everything he desires: fortune, glory, and the chance to bring honor back to the McKesson name. Now, they race against time to uncover a plot that links those in the highest ranks of the British aristocracy, to a failed rebellion that is once again trying to topple the monarchy and place an old pretender on the throne. But all that glitters is not gold as passions stir and an impossible love blooms, threatening to undermine all Merrick and India have done to protect their King and a country on the brink of war.***This book contains violence and graphic depictions of war***

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Ebook Giveaway: Justice from the Shadows by Nadirah Foxx

Happy Monday! Hi, it's Tia with another eBook giveaway.

I did the editing for Justice from the Shadows by Nadirah Foxx. It's a dark vigilante story that will grip you from page one. Before I share the Rafflecopter, here are some more details...

Title: Justice from the Shadows
Author: Nadirah Foxx
Genre: Suspense Thiller
Length: 300 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Robbed of her future and family, Kerrie King is on the hunt for justice.

After thugs murdered her husband and two-year-old son, a fiery determination ignited within Kerrie to find the killers. Never could she have imagined her hunt would lead her to Project Triton and a super suit that would change everything.

Now, she finds herself charged with uncovering corruption in Liberty City and dealing with resurfacing feelings for her best friend, Josh.

In the midst of it all, can Kerrie find a way to rebuild her life? Or will the dilemmas of maintaining a mild-mannered alter ego thrust her deeper into her heroic new calling?

Now for the Rafflecopter form. Enter to win an ebook. Good luck!

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Ebook Giveaways: Not for a Moment & Savage Charm by Nadirah Foxx

Happy Monday! Hi, it's Tia with more eBook giveaways.

I did the editing for Not for a Moment and Savage Charm by Nadirah Foxx. If you like your romance steamy and dark, you should check these out and enter to win. But first, more about the stories...

Title: Not for a Moment
Author: Nadirah Foxx
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 364 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


When love turns to terror…

Love is the last thing Rachel St. John expects when she meets two handsome men on the same night. Leo Kilpatrick is a stranger who catches her eye at the neighborhood bar. He turns out to be a nice, fun-loving man—a little on the mysterious side but nothing too serious.

Matt Wallace—a cop on a mission to right a wrong—is her blind date. A serial killer murdered his foster sister, and Matt’s determined to find the culprit. The officer’s dedication makes him dark and a little dangerous.

After meeting Matt and Leo, strange things start happening in Rachel’s life—like a weird dream coinciding with a power outage confined to her apartment only. Then the threats begin. Her gut tells her not to trust no one. It doesn’t help that neither Matt nor Leo trust each other.

Rachel wants to trust her heart, but will it protect her?

Better yet, can either man protect her from the real danger?

When safety can no longer be found at home…

When the one who holds your heart can’t be trusted…

When the obvious isn’t anymore, who do you turn to?

Not For A Moment is a tale about believing in your own strengths when the road becomes bleak.

Title: Savage Charm
Author: Nadirah Foxx
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 259 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $3.99


Heading up the security team for a disreputable billionaire seems the perfect outlet for Dash Copeland's anger issues. That is, until he commits the cardinal sin of consorting with the boss's daughter--Peyton Daniels.

Worried his indiscretion could cost him his job... or his life... Dash turns his back on his powerful feelings for Peyton and inserts some much needed distance between them by going off the grid. He thought he could forget the seduction of her touch. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When Peyton suddenly goes missing, Dash is ordered to track her down. The cost of failure being her life... and his. For the first time, Dash must cast aside his savage methods and handle the matter with a delicate hand.

Will it be enough to save the only woman he's ever loved?

Or will one misstep allow his energies to achieve their twisted agendas?

Now for the Rafflecopter forms. Enter to win each ebook. Good luck!

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Inception by SF Benson Ebook Giveaway

Happy Monday! Hi, it's Tia with another eBook giveaway.

I did the editing for Inception by SF Benson. If you love twists and turns and amazing characters, you'll love this one! 

A bit more about the story before I share the Rafflecopter form. 

Title: Inception
Author: SF Benson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 333 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Known throughout history as the Red Witch, Elsbeth is responsible for introducing supernatural creatures to the New World. For seven hundred long years, she’s dealt with everything from plagues and witch hunts, to a crushing lost love. Yet none of that prepared her for the betrayal of the Blue Moon Coven rising up against her. Unsure of who to trust and second guessing every decision, Elsbeth gathers a crude team of witches, sorcerers, and a demonic incubus to prepare for the upcoming battle.

The stakes are higher than ever before. Not only would failure mean death for countless numbers of supernaturals, but Elsbeth’s escalating feelings towards the incubus have tied her immortality to him. Now, whatever fate she suffers befalls him as well.

Eager to claim the happiness that’s eluded her for centuries, can Elsbeth face her past before it costs her everything?

From the world of Falls Creek comes The Spell Caster Diaries; a gripping new paranormal suspense series by author SF Benson!

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Monday, May 4, 2020

Giveaway of Broken Faith & Unexpected Love by SF Benson -- Ebooks

Happy Monday! Hi, it's Tia with a couple of eBook giveaways.

I did the editing for Broken Faith and Unexpected Love by SF Benson. If you like a steamy paranormal romance that packs a great story, you should check out this series. And note: These books can be read as separate stories in addition to enjoying the entire series. These are part of the Another Falls Creek Romance series.

More about each story before I share the Rafflecopter forms. 

Title: Broken Faith
Author: SF Benson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 206 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Sex, booze, and tempting humans.

All part of Theseon's job as a dark angel. He's kept plenty of souls out of Heaven, and is willing to keep it up. But then he meets Grace. She doesn't fall easily, and is ready to walk out of Theseon's life. Something about him tempts her--a woman who has her own dark secrets.

Their interactions draw the attention of the King of Hell. Ashmedai doesn't like it when his creations don't follow the rules. When you piss of the head demon, there are consequences.

Theseon must face his worst fears while Grace must overcome hers.

Is love enough to redeem a dark soul? Better still, can it erase dark beginnings and point to the light?

Title: Unexpected Love
Author: SF Benson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 340 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


If you could have a second chance to discover your true love, would you chose the same person?

It all begins with a thirty day punishment in Hell for a very bad succubus. When Sybil Najex asks her father-in-law, the King of Hell, for a demonic absolution, he gives her a different option--a Do-Over. It's a chance for Sybil and her husband, Khan, to rediscover love. But things don't go as planned when random males from her past display their affection for her.

Then, Khan Najex garners the attention of a siren who is up for a challenge.

In the end, they both must make a choice.

Will Sybil choose Khan again, or will she opt for the life of a free spirit with a different male each night?

Will Khan conquer his insane jealousy and allow Sybil to have her happily ever after?

Sybil's choice risks her marriage and her family, but it could also give everyone true happiness

Now for the Rafflecopter forms. Enter to win an ebook of each title. Good luck!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Giveaway of Torch by Tricia Copeland -- Ebook

Hi, it's Tia with another giveaway! I did the editing for Torch by Tricia Copeland, Jennifer Oberth did the proofreading, and Jo Michaels did the formatting. Details for the ebook giveaway are below, but first a little about this awesome dystopian tale.

Title: Torch
Author: Tricia Copeland
Genre: Dystopian
Buy Link: Amazon 


They can save the human race. To do it, they must take down their own government.

Sixteen-year-old Jema is on the run. Branded a traitor for trying to share a DNA-based cure for a lethal contagion, she and her friends are hunted by forces loyal to her sinister uncle. And unless they force him to release the formula, she fears a worldwide war to claim the antigen.

Forced to fight like soldiers in the desolate desert, Jema learns there could be sympathizers who will support a coup. But with only scavenged food and fading hope, she and her small group of grimly determined teens face a deadly break across dangerous territory.

Can Jema get the cure in the public domain before the planet descends into bloodshed and chaos?

Torch is the second book in the thrilling Lovelock YA dystopian science fiction series. If you like intense action, courage under pressure, and races against time, then you'll love Tricia Copeland's fast-paced novel.

Now for the Rafflecopter form. Enter to win an ebook. Good luck!
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