Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Giveaway of Ascent by Bethany Adams - Paperback

Hey Everyone it's Gaynor here with a paperback giveaway!

Ascent is the 7th book in the superb Return of the Elves series by Bethany Adams! The interior of the paperback was formatted by me and I'm excited to bring the beautiful pages to you!

Title: Ascent
Author: Bethany Adams
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 456
Buy Link: Amazon

A lost prince

Between years surviving on the streets and an ill-advised stint with Kien’s group of half-blood fae, Fen has seen his fair share of darkness. Sure, he helped capture Kien and put an end to the trouble he caused, but his actions contributed to one of the greatest upheavals of all—the return of magic to Earth. Now Fen’s mother has named him the heir to the Unseelie throne, and he has discovered he has two mates he is unworthy to claim.

A deadly healer

The daughter of a Seelie artisan and a human woman, Maddy can’t find anyone among her father’s people willing to teach her to heal without causing harm. But finally, she has hope—a healer on Moranaia has agreed to help her. The problem? Maddy will have to travel to their world, leaving her girlfriend Anna unprotected on Earth. For the return of magic has awakened Anna’s latent water abilities, and the temptation of the nearby river could prove too much without Maddy near.

A canny enemy

When a slip of the tongue reveals that Fen could share a mate bond with both Maddy and Anna, all three must come to terms with their insecurities—and quickly. The poison they believed eradicated has appeared again, and Meren, the traitorous Seelie noble who had once worked with Kien, has returned from hiding. Together, Anna, Fen, and Maddy might be able to defeat the rising threat. But first, they must conquer their pasts.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Giveaway of The Turncoat by T.J. London - Paperback!

Hey everyone it's Gaynor here with another paperback giveaway!

The Turncoat is book 3 in the historical romance Rebels and Redcoats Saga by T.J. London.  The book was edited by Jo Michaels,  proofread by Tia Silverthorne Bach, and the interior formatting was completed by myself. I'm excited to be able to share the next step in the saga with you!

Title: The Turncoat
Author: T.J.London
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 580
Buy Link Amazon

Spy. Redcoat. Traitor. After Captain John Carlisle’s dance with death, he’s retreated to the serenity of the Oneida village with his beloved Dellis McKesson, trying to hide from the inevitable truth that war is coming to the Mohawk River Valley. But when duty calls and John’s expertise is needed to negotiate a treaty between the Six Nations of Iroquois and the Crown, he’ll once again be faced with a decision: his King or his conscience.Many secrets have yet to be revealed, and a deal with the Devil made in desperation, threatens to ruin Dellis and John’s hard-won love. As ghosts of the past resurface, and bitter family rivalry exposes betrayal from those closest to her, Dellis is dragged down a devastating path to the truth of her parents’ murders.The die is cast as St. Leger and his native allies siege Fort Stanwix in the Summer of 1777. The British are planning a secret attack that will force the Rebels and the Oneida to face off against the Crown and their allies, further dividing John’s loyalties, leaving him on the precipice of a decision: Rebel or Redcoat?

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Awakening by Bethany Adams - Paperback Giveaway

Hey everyone it's Gaynor here with another paperback giveaway!

Awakening is book 6 in the amazing fantasy romance series, Return of the Elves, by Bethany Adams, the interior formatting for this book was completed by me and I'm excited to be able to share the beautiful pages with you!

Title: Awakening
Author: Bethany Adams
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 394
Buy Link Amazon

An unexpected duty

For three hundred years, Princess Dria has avoided the drama of the royal court by training as a battle mage. When her father summons her back to court just as she begins to rise up the ranks, she’s furious. Even worse, she must work with her estranged brother Ralan on a mission to Earth. But as soon as Dria arrives at Moranaia’s new outpost, her brother drops the leadership of the entire place into her hands. Now she’s in charge of fortifying a new outpost on a planet she’s never even visited. 

An abhorrent task

Prince Vek of the Unseelie has spent millennia as his father’s enforcer, working in the shadows to eliminate evil, but after sparing his nephew Fen from the king’s judgement, Vek must tread carefully. One false move, and he will lose the king’s trust—and Fen’s life. But when the king gives Vek a new, more sinister task, Fen becomes the 
least of his worries. The Moranaians have a new colony on Earth, and King Torek wants the energy source that’s contained within. Vek must retrieve that power—even if he has to kill the Moranaian leader to get it.

A threat unknown

From the moment she catches Vek sneaking into the cavern, Dria knows the truth—the dark and mysterious prince is her soulbonded. But she’s certain he’s up to no good, and although she’s drawn to him, there is no way she can trust him. His reputation, and that of the Unseelie in general, precedes him. Unfortunately, more than desire is awakening. As they dance around their budding attraction, Dria and Vek uncover a deathly illness lurking among the fae—and a sinister plot that will damage both their worlds.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Giveaway of Reign of the Stone Queen by Jayne Faith

Hi, it's Wednesday. Tia here with another eBook giveaway! I did the proofreading for Reign of the Stone Queen by Jayne Faith. If you love action, adventure, and plot twists, then you don't want to miss out on this thrilling story. A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter...

Title: Reign of the Stone Queen (Stone Blood series #4)

Author: Jayne Faith
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 260 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $3.99


She must rule a kingdom that is against her . . .

Petra Maguire wants to fight for her people, not rule them. But by Oberon's decree, she is now Queen of the new Carraig Sidhe kingdom. Problem is, many of her subjects would rather see her dead than on the throne.

As Petra struggles to unite her people, she must also join Jasper's quest to kill Finvarra before he can usher in a winter of Unseelie rule in Faerie. Torn between responsibilities, Petra will have to find a way to embrace her new role as royalty while still staying true to her warrior roots. And overshadowing everything is the imminent threat of the angry gods' return . . .

The Stone Blood Series is perfect for fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and Ilona Andrews!

Stone Blood Series by Jayne Faith:
Blood of Stone
Stone Blood Legacy
Rise of the Stone Court
Reign of the Stone Queen
War of the Fae Gods

Want more action-packed urban fantasy? Try the Ella Grey Series by Jayne Faith -- this series is now complete!

Ella Grey Series by Jayne Faith
Stone Cold Magic
Dark Harvest Magic
Demon Born Magic
Blood Storm Magic

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Giveaway of Rise of the Stone Court by Jayne Faith

Happy Monday! It's Tia with another eBook giveaway. I did the proofreading for Rise of the Stone Court by Jayne Faith. If you love Fae and epic adventure, you don't want to miss out on this thrilling story. And stop back by on Wednesday, 1/30, to enter to win an ebook of Reign of the Stone Queen (book 4).

A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter...

Title: Rise of the Stone Court (Stone Blood Series #3)

Author: Jayne Faith
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 241 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $3.99


Caught in a tug-of-war between three rulers—one of whom wants her dead—Petra made grave sacrifices to keep herself and her twin sister Nicole alive. But just surviving isn’t enough. The Unseelie are making their move on Faerie, and Seelie High King Oberon is still missing. If Oberon doesn’t return to defend his throne, the Unseelie will reign, Petra and Nicole will remain prisoners of their Unseelie blood father, and winter will descend on Faerie.

Petra has her hands full just trying to stay ahead of her blood father’s manipulations, but when Jasper says he’s located Oberon, Petra can’t ignore the call. She and Jasper will have to brave the stronghold of the gods to rescue Oberon—if the High King is even still alive.

Someone significant will not survive these turbulent times in Faerie. Who will pay with blood?

Download Rise of the Stone Court by Jayne Faith today because you won’t want to miss this heart-stopping story of magic, romance, and Game of Thrones-worthy twists!

Stone Blood Series by Jayne Faith:
Blood of Stone
Stone Blood Legacy
Rise of the Stone Court
Reign of the Stone Queen

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Giveaway of Between the Dreaming and the Dead by Kelly Martin

Happy Wednesday! Hi, it's Tia with another eBook giveaway.

I did the editing for Between the Dreaming and the Dead by Kelly Martin. If you love a unique voice and unexpected plot twists, then you should check this out. A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter...

Title: Between the Dreaming and the Dead
Author: Kelly Martin
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 202 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Jake Austin finds himself standing in the middle of a dirt road, looking at an old farmhouse with no memory of how he got there. It isn’t the first time he’s been somewhere and not remember how—but it is the first time he’s woken up alone.

Valley Draper has lived in the farmhouse for as long as she can remember. It might be haunted, but nothing comes without a price. When the handsome if not confused Jake comes in like he owns the place, Valley decides quickly that he needs a rude awakening.

With a storm coming closer and time ticking away, can Jake find a way back home? Or are he and Valley stuck in a place that is much more than either of them bargained for?

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Giveaway of Tasty Love by Christi Snow & Sarah Nego

Hi! Happy Monday. It's Tia with another giveaway. I did the proofreading for Tasty Love by Christi Snow & Sarah Nego. It's a romance with a lot of heat. A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter. 

And scroll down for the giveaway for book 1, Crazy Love. But hurry. It ends on Wednesday, 1/23/19. These books can be read independently.

Title: Tasty Love (Bookstore Love, #1)
Author: Christi Snow & Sarah Nego
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 207 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Eight years ago, she broke his heart.

Eight years ago, he vowed never to let her hurt him again.

Now, they have to work together to keep their town safe.

At the age of sixteen, Val Garcia made the worst mistake of her life. She trusted the wrong guy, and hurt the guy she loved. She can never atone for that one mistake, but she’s trying.

As a cop, Spencer Murdock is trained in the art of evasion, but that isn’t helping him avoid the pariah in his life...his first love, Val. It doesn’t help that as the town baker, his friends and coworkers are always moaning over her cupcakes. Yeah, it sounds dirty to him when they do it, too.

Now, he has to work with her daily, see her daily, listen to her soft voice and see her smooth skin...daily. And daily he’s seeing her more as the girl he fell in love with, not the girl who destroyed him.

There’s no way they can have a second chance. That trust is broken. But every day there are glimpses that make them both ask...what if?

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