Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keepers of Arden The Brothers Vol. 1 by L. K. Evans Re-release and Giveaway

Hello, happy followers of the blog! Jo here. Today we have for you yet another IBGW family member giveaway! This one is for two e-copies of Keepers of Arden (The Brothers Volume 1) by L. K. Evans. I read this book a while back and wrote a review for it. If you'd like to check out what I had to say, you can find the review on my blog here. Since then, the book has been proofread (by me) and many of the niggling little issues have been rectified. Ms. Evans is also preparing to release Volume 2 of the series later this year; so, you'll all have that to look forward to! Without further ado, I give you the information about the book, followed by the Rafflecopter entry form.

Title: Keepers of Arden (The Brothers Vol. 1)
Author: L. K. Evans
Genre: Fantasy & Sorcery
Length (print): Approx 459 Pages
Buy Links: Amazon Kindle $2.99

"Slowly, year by year, day by day, hour by hour, the evil grew stronger while he grew weaker. It found ways around his shield, and, even as he sat in the sun on a beautiful spring day, he could feel the tiny nibbles the evil bit off from his soul."

This is just the beginning of the Laybryth brothers' journey, to not only rid the lands of Arden of a vile evil, but for one brother to save the other from the darkness that lives within him.

Believe me, it's awesome. I read it and loved it, then the author let me do the proofread on it and I loved it again!

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Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!