Friday, November 17, 2017

Paperback Giveaway! Healing Nicole by Rachel M Storm

Hi, it's Gaynor with another giveaway! I did the print book formatting for Healing Nicole by Rachel M Storm.  This is the first book in the new contemporary romance series The Maynard Series, Details for the paperback giveaway are below, but first a little about the book.

Title: Healing Nicole (Book 1 of the Maynard Series)

Author: Rachel M Storm
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 200
Buy link: Amazon $8.99

NICOLE I was supposed to get my happily ever after but instead I got betrayal, loss and heartache. I decided that what I needed was a new town, new job and new beginning. My intent was to stary away from any and all relationships, but little did I know that the Maynard family - more specifically Mace Maynard, would not allow me to wallow in my heartache in peace.
MACE She's new, she's sad and she never smiles - although sometimes I think she thinks she smiles. My plan was to become her friend and try my best to bring a smile to her beautiful face. But I was never prepared for the smart, feisty and sassy woman she turned out to be. Now? Now I don't want to be just her friend, I want more. I want to be the one to completely heal her wounds, kiss all the pain away and make sure that she stays happy.  But most of all I want to make sure she stays mine.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Paperback Giveaway! Seared by Bethany Adams

Hi, it's Gaynor with another giveaway! I did the print book formatting for Seared by Bethany Adams.  This is book 4 in the superb fantasy romance series, The Return of the Elves. Details for the paperback giveaway are below, but first a little about the book.

Title: Seared (Book 4 in the Return of the Elves Series)

Author: Bethany Adams
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 404
Buy link: Amazon $12.00

A reluctant prince. After more than three hundred years on Earth, Prince Ralan has finally returned to Moranaia. But with his wicked brother Kien on the loose, the homecoming is a short one. A dire vision sends Ralan back to Earth to save his soulbonded from his dark brother. The problem? Ralan's Sight grows more erratic by the monent even as danger closes in on every side. 
A woman far from home. Ever since a failed alliance ruined her family Cora has lived on Earth. Far from discontent, her days are spent running her clothing shop and helping newly arrived fae adapt to mundane life. Then a golden-eyed price strides into her store, trouble stalking his heels.  Big trouble. A fate foretold Ralan's Sight might be broken, but one thing remains clear - stopping Kien will mean Ralan's death. So how could the Gods choose now to introduce his soulbonded? As Ralan and Cora search for Kien, their relationship grows stronger. Unfortunately, so does the threat. Now Ralan must choose between his own life and the fate of all their worlds.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ebook Giveaway The Holocene Imperative by J.A.Young

Hi, it's Gaynor with another giveaway! I did the formatting for The Holocene Imperative by J.A.Young, Tia Silverthorne Bach did the editing, and Jennifer Oberth did the proofreading, It's the first in a new science fiction first contact series.

Details for the paperback giveaway are below, but first a little about the book.

Title: The Holocene Imperative

Author: J.A.Young
Genre: Science Fiction 
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99
Earth has reached its tipping point; climate change is out of control, terrorism is commonplace, civil wars are waged against tyrants, and corruption is rampant.  All the while extreme inequality kills thousands a day. For the second time in history, humans have failed to save the planet and learn to live in peace and harmony with each other.
We were given a second chance when it happened the first time. But now, even under the guidance of the Galactic Federations hidden contact protocol - the Empyreal Directive - humans have not developed enough to reach transcendence. Do to save the planet, the Alien Galactic Federation has deemed humans a failed species and has scheduled their termination for 2055 under the Empyreal directive condition.
However, a chance discovery has triggered the Holocene Imperative early.  It's 2032, and Earth decends into chaos as it is saturated in alpha and beta waves tuned to disrupt two regions of the human brain, rending normal people catatonic.  Humanity faces insurmountable odds; the entire world's military is incapacitated as tens of thousands of super-advanced alien drones systematically scan and terminate the catatonic living.
A ragtag band of mental patients, once despised by society, escape and find they have unique abilities in this new world order; the psychopaths who do not feel fear or empathy are called Hunters, the autistics who do not feel empathy are Runners, and those with dissociative identity disorder, the Alters, have two other unique traits.  When Ryan, who has a rare undiscovered condition, comes across the group, they reluctantly take him in as they try to capture a drone.  After a couple of successful mission, the last one goes terribly wrong, but Ryan's newfound ability is realized. And it's Earth's only hope.

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