Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebrating Two Years - EIC Tia Silverthorne Bach

Happy Friday, IBGW followers! Jo here. Today, I’d like to share something with you all about my fellow IEC, Tia Silverthorne Bach. You see, today is her two year anniversary with INDIE Books Gone Wild, and I’m gonna tell you a little about how that relationship formed. We’re gonna have a little giveaway at the end of this post, so get ready! Anyone who subscribes to our newsletter will also get an e-mail today about the books IBGW has worked on over the last twelve months. So, lots of amazing things happening on the blog today. Ready? Grab that coffee, get your clicking finger ready, and let’s get going!

I met Tia during the Author Blog Challenge in June of 2012. She and I hit it off right away. We have a lot of things in common—yes, other than being complete grammar nerds and lovers of the written word in general. Usually, when I’m thinking a certain way about something, she’s in complete agreement. We fostered a friendship that’s proven to be one of the best I’ve ever made.

Not only is she an amazing person, she’s also one hell of an editor. It’s rare to find someone who cares so much about their client(s), and her values made her an indispensable addition to the IBGW team. Together, we formed the idea to keep all editing in house so a better product emerged on the other side. It was tiresome to hear the complaints about Indie novels being poorly edited, written, and covered. Our mission, from day one, was to change that stigma.

How many people do you meet in your lifetime that hold the same values and have the same ideals as you? Let me tell you, they’re few and far between.

Not only is Tia a stellar editor, she’s also a fantastic author and book reviewer. If you haven’t been to her personal blog, I invite you to poke around here. For her book review blog, go here. But, I digress.

Last year, almost two years to the day from the time I first interacted with Tia, we met for the first time in person. Sure, we’d had Skype conversations, but it’s not the same thing. She’s just as lovely in person as she is via e-mail. I think, if someone needed a pair of shoes, she’d give them the ones she was wearing and never think twice about it. But she demands respect at the same time, and doesn’t let people push her around or take advantage of her kindness.

I’m so grateful to be able to call Tia my friend, and even more grateful she decided to partner with me in this crazy IBGW venture.

So, to celebrate her awesomeness, I’m doing a little giveaway of all the books she’s helped bring to market with IBGW over the last year (or written). Enjoy entering and helping me celebrate the amazing business that’s INDIE Books Gone Wild with Tia by my side at the helm!

List of books included:
I, Zombie
Tbinkerknese 101
Chasing Shadows
Not Born Here: Stories from Marsden, NC
Fractured Glass: A Novel Anthology

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Do you know Tia? Tell me a little story about how you met!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!