Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DNA Strand Series Paperback Givewaway

Hello, all! Jo here with another fabulous giveaway for you all. This time, you can win THREE paperbacks. That's right, the entire DNA Strand Series by Jordana Wells is up for grabs. I formatted all three of these beauties, Karen Robinson edited them, and Jennifer Oberth proofread them.

Ready to find out more about the books? Let's get going!

Author: Jordana Wells
Title: Prophase: DNA Strand 1
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction
Length (print): 350 pages
Buy Link (paperback): Amazon $12.97

An unwilling participant in a cryopreservation experiment, engineering student Miranda Donovan wakes after a century to find that basic rights in the post-American society must be earned. Genetic testing reveals her best chance of success lies in a brutal military flight academy, but time is short. She can only hide cryo's crippling effects on her body for so long. Feeling a stalker closing in, she becomes desperate to get the protection of the most powerful of the dystopian clans before it's too late. One misstep, one miscalculation, and she'll have a lot more to fear than death.

Title: Metaphase: DNA Strand 2
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction
Length (print): 322 pages
Buy Link (paperback): Amazon $12.97

Brought back from the dead, combat pilot Miranda Donovan finds the price for her resurrection is a steep one. The biomedical laboratory has creatively interpreted the law so the experiments on her can continue. Her determination to escape only intensifies after a horrific, blood-soaked night reveals how much their work has made her a target. The uneasy truce with the biotech lab hinges on her ability to track down the murderous security agent, but her only path to freedom may lie in trusting a man whose secrets are even darker than her own.

Title: Anaphase: DNA Strand 3
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction
Length (print): 354 pages
Buy Link (paperback): Amazon $12.97

Aging pilot Book struggles to pass the medical clearance necessary to continue flying her fighter jet for the Republic of Texas next to her best friend, Hemi. But her world starts crumbling down when evidence mounts that there's another combat pilot with her face, her name, and her DNA. As proof mounts that the other woman's claim is legitimate, Book fights to regain her missing memories and recover the secret to who—or what—she truly is.

Sound pretty good, don't they?

Well, you can enter here to WIN ALL THREE!

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Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, READ ON!



  1. Besides your name being undercase, Thank you for this opportunity! <3

    1. LOL! It's an automatic/saved tag. :P ROFL!!


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