Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giveaway for The Price of Freedom by Lauren Parkes

Howdy! It's Karen with another giveaway from INDIE Books Gone Wild. This time I have a rather intriguing young adult book that I'd classify as dystopian fiction: The Price of Freedom by Lauren Parkes. I did the line editing and Jennifer did the proofreading for this book.

Title: The Price of Freedom
Author: Lauren Parkes
Genre: Young Adult (dystopian)
Length: 313 pages
Buy Link: Amazon

If only the bombing of Dover hadn’t gone wrong. Or maybe that was exactly how they planned it: four dead border guards and a stolen casement of fertility medication. The looted cargo of Fertility shocked the nation—a nation grieving the loss of natural fertility, a people reliant upon assisted birthing schemes to provide a next generation.

It lodged a stone the size of a coconut in the windpipes of every twenty-something female with a pulse. Everyone that is, except Jade Rose. Newlywed Jade did not need Fertility to get pregnant. Focusing on a way to stay under the radar amidst rising political tensions, Jade inadvertently finds herself the target of resistance movement Freedom.

David ‘Blue’ Azure should not have been anywhere near Dover terminal when the bomb exploded. The gun wasn’t even his. Dejected, he enlists in Freedom. But when a plan to recover the stolen Fertility becomes a kidnapping, Blue comes face to face with Jade.

Jade and Blue should have nothing in common. Young, pregnant wife of a pharmaceutical heir and a murderer.

But they did. Once.

On the day of the Dover attack.


Two Kindle eBook copies of the book are up for grabs (two separate winners). Here's the giveaway entry form! Good luck!

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