Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Giveaway of Dark and Dangerous Things by Kelly Martin

Happy Wednesday! Hi, it's Tia with another eBook giveaway.

I did the editing for Dark and Dangerous Things by Kelly Martin. This is such an amazing series with a truly unique voice. You have to check it out. A little about the final book in the series before I share the Rafflecopter...

Title: Dark and Dangerous Things (Dark Things #5)
Author: Kelly Martin
Genre: YA Paranormal
Length: 183 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


The final showdown has begun. 

With Abel in the hospital and Molly stronger than ever, it is up to Elise and newly released Silas Ford to figure out a way to send Molly back to Hell for good. She won't make it easy, of course. She has bargains to keep. 

Elise Morgan is ready for this to all be over. With a ticking time bomb in her head, she makes it her mission to rid the world--and her possessed father--of Molly once and for all. 

Who will live? 

Who will die? 

Molly Drake has souls to take. 

Those souls are fighting back. 

*The Final Book in the Series* 
Dark and Deadly Things (1) 
Dark and Devious Things (2) 
Dark and Dreadful Things (3) 
Dark and Desperate Things (4) 
Dark and Dangerous Things (5)  

Now for the Rafflecopter form. Win an eBook. Good luck!

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