Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Giveaway for Amendments by H.M. Lynn

Howdy! Karen here with another IBGW book giveaway. I'm thrilled to announce the recent release of Amendments by H.M. Lynn. I did the line editing on this book, and Mollie did the proofreading.

I really enjoyed editing this book because the concept was quite fascinating: each person is allowed to "amend" their lives twice, basically to go back to a situation and make a different choice. But a fascinating concept is only one part of this book--really it is the relationship between the two main characters, the sisters, that this book is all about. And that's where the book really excels. It uses this fascinating concept as a backdrop to explore this relationship. My favorite line in the book is when a character says, "Wasted amendments aren’t the ones that don’t work out; they’re the ones you didn’t need an envelope to fix in the first place."

Title: Amendments
Author: H.M. Lynn 
Genre: Speculative fiction
Length: 353 pages
Buy Link: Amazon

Synopsis from Amazon: Emelia must choose. Her sister or her soulmate.

In a world not dissimilar to our own, the Administration have ensured that the human race should not have to live with any regrets. Like millions before her, Emelia now has the chance to go back and make the 'correct' decisions. The little envelope that contains her amendment will change not just her life, but that of the people she loves the most. Her sister Finola, whose reckless and self-destructive nature has led her dangerously close to the sinister Marchers movement, and Gabe, the rock that has been holding the remnants of her family together for as long as she can remember.

Caught between saving Finola or happiness with Gabe, she must struggle to predict how the ripples of her amendments will spread. Two envelopes, two choices, one life. 

What would you amend? 

Two Kindle eBook copies of the book are up for grabs (two separate winners). Here's the giveaway entry form!  

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