Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Giveaway for Nightfall (Book Two of the Chronicles of Arden)

Howdy! Karen here with another giveaway from INDIE Books Gone Wild. Last fall, I edited (and did a giveaway) for A Call to Arms by Shiriluna Nott and SaJa H. The authors are back with the follow-up, Nightfall. I did the line editing on this book, and Jennifer did the proofreading.

A Call to Arms was one of my favorite books from last year (not just favorites among those I've edited, but favorites that I read), and I had been eagerly awaiting the next book. And Nightfall does not disappoint. It does, as the title suggests, get darker than the first book as the characters have grown up a little (a couple of years have passed since the end of the first book) and the dangers both inside and outside the realm become all too real. In fact, the book has a lot of intense moments that had me at the edge of my seat!

Title: Nightfall: Book Two of the Chronicles of Arden
Authors: Shiriluna Nott and SaJa H.
Genre: Epic fantasy; LGBT fiction
Length: 424 pages
Buy Link: Amazon

Synopsis: Gibben Nemesio thought his life was over the day he received a conscription notice demanding he train to be a soldier. When he left his home for Silver City, he never expected he'd thwart a terrible plot to murder the King and become an overnight hero—and he definitely hadn't expected to find love in the form of a handsome mage trainee named Joel.

Three years later, Gib has fought his way from lowborn farmer to hold the coveted position as understudy to the seneschal. Despite heightening tensions between the King and High Council and the rumors of impending war still terrorizing the people of Arden, Gib finds solace in the company of his wise mentor, loyal friends, and beloved companion.

But with the arrival of an ominous message from a powerful enemy in the north, Gib quickly realizes peace is fleeting in a world where chaos lurks in every shadow, and treacherous forces—from both outside the country and within—threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.

Two Kindle eBook copies of the book are up for grabs (two separate winners). Here's the giveaway entry form!

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