Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Release - Courage Stolen by R. Scott Mackey

Happy Thursday! Jennifer here. Exciting news! Courage Stolen by R. Scott Mackey is available now!
Edited by me and proofread by Karen Robinson.

This is the fourth installment in the Ray Courage Private Investigator Series.

Title: Courage Stolen
Author: R. Scott Mackey
Genre: Mystery
Length: 221 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $4.99

Synopsis: The Monarch Project could revolutionize the energy industry, eliminating the need for foreign oil, dramatically reducing greenhouse gases, and creating a clean sustainable energy future for generations to come. But all this is at risk when someone steals the project and demands $20 million for its return. Ray acts as the bagman in an effort to secure the project’s return. Events become more complicated when two murders ensue. Working against an Asian street gang, eco-terrorists, greedy corporate executives, and a band of academics who seem incapable of telling the truth, Ray and his sidekick Rubia seek to unravel who’s behind it all.

The series in order:

1. Courage Begins - $0.00 right now
2. Courage Matters - $1.99
3. Courage Resurrected - $4.99