Thursday, March 30, 2017

Giveaway of Exiled by Bethany Adams

Hi! Gaynor here. It's time for giveaway. I did the formatting for Exiled (A Return of the Elves Novella) by Bethany Adams. It's a Fantasy with a little romance in the mix!  A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter. 

Title: Exiled - A return of the Elves Novella
Author: Bethany Adams
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: 113 pages
Buy Link (paperback): Amazon $7.00


A willing exile

For a hundred years, Delbin has lived on Earth, voluntarily cut off from his birth land, Moranaia. He's learned to hide his elven nature and use his mind magic without getting noticed.  Until he accidentally wields it on the Moranaian scout sent to check on him.

A hesitant ally

Though Inona has good reason to mistrust exiles, part of her job is to make sure they aren't causing trouble. She sets out for Earth with one goal - get this annoying mission over with. But from the moment Delbin tries to use his power on her, she can tell he is different. As more of his story unfolds, she learns that some exiles might not be what they seem.

An unexpected enemy

When a rogue Moranaian price tries to recruit Delbin, Inona's mission becomes anything but standard.  Now Delbin and Inona must work together to hunt down the prince and uncover his latest plot.

Delbin might not be able to return to Moranaia, but he'll do anything to save it.

Bonus - Includes the free, stand-alone short story "The Grove Between," previously published in the Against All Odds anthology.

Now for the Rafflectopter. Enter here to win an eBook. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway