Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Giveaway of Demon Born Magic by Jayne Faith

Hi, it's Tia with another eBook giveaway! I did the proofreading for Demon Born Magic by Jayne Faith. It's book three in the Ella Grey series. It's got witches, reapers, and... some amazing stuff. I really love this series! A little about the book before I share the Rafflecopter...

Title: Demon Born Magic (Ella Grey #3)

Author: Jayne Faith
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 281 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $3.99


In her battle against demon assassins, Ella Grey pulled too much power and it nearly killed her. To save her, Damien and Deb had to cut Ella off from her magic. Desperate to rescue her brother from the vampires but powerless to help him, Ella must find a way to control the reaper that's nearly gnawed through her soul and get her magic back. When madman and necromancer Phillip Zarella offers her a solution, it's too tempting to pass up. But making a deal with the devil always has consequences. And worse, Ella discovers that her brother is the prize in a tug-of-war between Zarella, tycoon Jacob Gregori, and the all-powerful mages. She needs every advantage she can scrape together, or she'll lose her brother forever. 

Demon Born Magic is the third book in the urban fantasy Ella Grey Series. Don't miss this thrilling world of magic, danger, and sacrifice in the battle against dark forces.

Now for the Rafflecopter form. Win an eBook. Good luck!

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