Monday, July 17, 2017

TWO giveaways: Deliciously Thick & Deliciously Bitter by KB Jacobs

Hi! Tia here. It's time for another giveaway. I did the proofreading for Deliciously Thick and Deliciously Bitter by KB Jacobs. Great romances with a lot of heat. A little about the books before I share the Rafflecopter. 

Title: Deliciously Thick
Author: KB Jacobs
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 358 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Triple B...the Bad Boy of Boarding.

That’s me and I own that title. I’m a professional snowboarder and my life IS the party.

You want to hang out for a good time? Come to Triple B’s house.

You need a hot chick to bang? There are tons of them at my place.

My bar is stocked and the music is jamming. This is my life.

Until Juliet. No, that’s not her real name. That’s just what I called her when I fell in lust with her those nights when she read in her window.

But then a fire changed everything.

I saved her life and it ruined mine. Now my sponsors say I either fix my party-boy image or else I’m through making the big bucks. I figure she broke me, she can fix me.

She’s sweet and innocent, exactly what I need to fix my image. But I’m not sure either of us will survive the legacy that is Triple B.

Title: Deliciously Bitter
Author: KB Jacobs
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 294 pages
Buy Link: Amazon $2.99


Three years ago, my perfect life ended. I got trapped inside a burning Army MRAP and watched my friends die. I was the only one to survive, if you can call this survival.

Now I’m the beast of nightmares. Horrific scars mean I don’t leave my house...ever.

But my best friend made sure I continued to live when all I wanted was to give up. I owe him everything, and now he needs me for two weeks.

Two weeks with strangers who I’ll never have to see again. I can do this. I can ignore the stares and revulsion.

But what I can’t ignore is the stunning beauty next door who sees past my scars.

She’s Hollywood royalty. I’m a recluse, a hermit. Her life is glamour and paparazzi. My life is NOT. No matter how much I want her, I’m no good for her.

Beauty and the beast was a romantic fairy tale, but this is real life and she deserves better...

Now for the Rafflecopter forms. Enter to win an eBook. Good luck!

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